Tint/ Colour  


Tint/Colour Lengths.

From: $145-$195


Tint with foil

 From: $145-$195

Patial foil

From: $102-$125

T.section foil

From: $135-$165

1/2 head foil

From: $155-$195

Full head Foil

From: $195-$265

Full head lengths

From: $255- $295

Bespoke.1-Tint root stretch


Bespoke.2-Root stretch with lightener/ freehand work

From $255-$305

Bespoke.3-Full head foils

with root colour

From $275

Colour cleanse

From: $130

Colour fill/Colour correction

From: $145

Extra colour mix

From: $38-$50

*We advise that every colour client have a colour patch test 24-48 hours prior to their colour service*