Davines and sustainability


-It is the commitment of Davines to minimise the impact on the environment, not compromising the quality of natural resources today or tomorrow.

-The effectiveness of Davines products and the safety of the customer, thanks to the privileged use of natural ingredients, enhanced with cutting edge cosmetic technologies and an artisan spirit

Eco Packaging

Packaging is essential to contain, preserve and protect product. Davines do everything they can to minimise the impact of their packaging; they design it carefully to not waste resources and in addition they offset emissions resulting from the production to truly shot their attention to the environment.

The packaging of the Essential hair care is manufactured using minimum amount of plastic required to properly protect the formulas it contains.


Packs are manufactured using food-grade plastic that can be reused as containers and pots for plants!

LifeGate Zero Impact Project

As part of the LifeGate C02, emissions generated by the production of each piece of Essential hair care are offset by funding the creation and protection of forests in Madagascar.

Renewable Energy

It is common knowledge the fossil fuel resources are limited and, more importantly they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when used. Davines have instead chosen an energy alternative that does not further effect the environmental balance for future generations. Since 2006 Davines has been using electrical energy coming only from renewable sources in their plants and offices. Sun , water, wind and earth are inexhaustible sources as they are constantly renewed and do not release carbon dioxide.

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