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We at Shape hairdressing not only offer a

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle service, we also make a conscious effort to become more sustainable in all salon aspects. 

Zerocare Australia Sustainable Haircare

We are super excited to be working with an Australian owned company that offers 100% Australian designed-and-made eco friendly hair care products and on-trend styling tools.

All Zerocare Haircare products and packaging are sustainable, home compostable, cruelty-free, ZERO-waste, ZERO-plastic and contain ZERO-toxins.

Zerocare also offer FSC certified bamboo styling tools such as Bamboo Detangeler, Bamboo Styler and the  Bamboo Detangle Comb

Eco Heads

The ECOHEAD shower-head has an environmentally friendly design that doubles water pressure .
Powerful water stream combined with a small holes shower-plate act together as skin massage, offering a relaxing experience for our client from start to finish.
The unique filtration-system helps to reduce chlorine and generates negative ions as water goes through, which softens the hair for a smoother end result.

Thanks to the purifying qualities of the filter screens, this original product also removes sediment, rust and sand for cleaner water.


Re-Foil is a recycled foil that we reuse and then recycle.

Measure and Reduce

There should never be colour waste being collected nor washed down the drain in to our water ways. Our team makes sure of this by measuring all colour products used for all colour services.

Recycled Paper

Cut paper  from used magazines make for good colour placement wefts. Check out some of our images on insta! 


The percentage of biodegradable ingredients varies upto 99%, they are also paraben, sulphate free formulas and vegan friendly!

Davines are one of the only Italian brands who adopted lifegate's 'Zero Impact policy' logo for the packaging, 

 also using renewable and electric energy from natural sources-such as wind, sun, water and soil to supply it's plants and offices.

Every product formulated, designed and produced is obtained with 100% clean energy!


We love working with  MASK vibrachrome containing quiona extracts.

  MASK is both conditioning and gentle on the hair, with desired colour results glossy, long lasting  and with 100% grey coverage.

No animal testing, vegan friendly and cruelty-free

*We advise that every colour client have a colour patch test 24-48 hours prior to their colour service*

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