The Circle Chronicles

The Circle Chronicles is a new beautiful treatment service.

The range includes five different treatment masks that can be intermixed to leave your hair and scalp nourished and protected. With every mask offering something a little different this allows you to find the perfect mask for you.

The Purity Circle

Deep detoxifying form pollution.

With bamboo, charcoal and matcha tea extract.

- Bamboo Charcoal: 100% natural, detoxifying properties and power absorbent action.

-Matcha Tea Extract: able to neutralize the free radicals formed as a result of external agents such as pollution.

The Renaissance Circle

Extreme repair for hopeless hair.

With yellow clay and babassu butter.

-Yellow Clay: 100% natural clay, helps to reassemble the external structure of the hair.

-Babassu Butter: has a softening function and velveting action.

The Quick Fix Circle

Express hydration when in a hurry

With red clay and hyaluronic acid.

-Red Clay: 100% natural clay, able to remove waste particles and impurities on hair.

-Hyaluronic Acid: binds almost instantaneously to the hair structure and provides hydration.

The Spotlight Circle

Extraordinary shine like never before

With moringa oil.

-Moringa Oil: rich in fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins needed for the brilliance of the hair.

-Nourishes hair in depth giving beautiful shine.

The Wake-Up Circle

New energy and volume post stress

With purple clay and rhadiaola extract

-Purple Clay:100% natural clay with detoxifying and rebalancing action.

-Rhadiaola Extract: rebalancing properties against stress.

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